Tuesday, 24 October 2017

A matter of perception...

One image, two pictures. Or one picture, two images, not sure which is right(please, pardon my english).
Most people have seen such illusions. They are curious and fun. But they also tell us how our brain interprets reality.
The way we do that is related to our cultural and psychological context. Which changes over the time, according to our experience.

So, it is not about the pictures, it is about life, as well. Regarding the picture above, is our life sexy or not? 😄

Do we see a dull and hard life, or life full with opportunities? It depends on that how we have lived and how we live now, besides our personality.

What we have been told and teached. How we connect the dots in our life is our responsibility. That makes our decisions and choices in life. Everything which happens to us is based on them.

Imagine, that each hidden face in the following picture is a possible answer to a current problem in your life. How many faces can you find?

  Scroll down for the answers.

Once you have seen them is easy to spot them again. Scroll up if you like.

How many animals below?

Again how many "animals" are depicted below?  

Did I say that the animals are dolphins?
The children can answer better than adults, because most of them see JUST the dolphins...

So, as a conclusion, how we perceive the world, how we think, how we react is based on what information comes into our mind, combined with the personal traits and inclinations. 

If we "see" only what we are teached to "see", we would live our whole life partly blind...

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